ALTONI PASTA IS PART OF ALTONI KELDERMAN NV, a company that specializes in the production of meal components of high quality. By combining forces, of previously two small companies, they created a dynamic company that is ready for the future.

SUSTAINABILITY has played a key role in the construction of the new building in 1999. For example, among other features, more than 2000m2 solar panels were installed on the surface of the roof, hot water from the production is recuperated for the supply of steam boilers and lighting functions are under the direction of motion sensors.

STEP INTO THE WORLD OF ALTONI. Behind Altoni Pasta exists a strong dynamic team that enjoys close cooperation, strong commitment and pleasure in the pursuit of passion. You are always welcome to come by and get to know our company personally. When you get acquainted with Altoni Pasta, and experience our production lines in real life, you understand the power behind Altoni Pasta and you will experience the synergy of tradition, passion, experience and craftsmanship.